‘Colours' is one of the most exciting projects held for child patients of Apeksha Hospital Maharagama, which they can spend time cheerfully while showing their artistic talent.


“Hope” is the handicrafts workshop for adult patients of Apeksha Hospital Maharagama, which can give them value for their creativity.


“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling” Sparkle is our annual CHRISTMAS celebration with the child patients of Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama


Through “Athwela” we help those who are terminally ill elderly cancer patients and those abandoned by their families who have been hospitalized at ‘Shantha Sewana’ Hospital, Maharagama.

Save Your Goodbyes

"Save Your Goodbyes" is a sub-project of "hand in hand " which is aimed to step up cancer literacy and knowledge among the people. This project would consist of an awareness webinar series which would be launched as virtual events through the Zoom platform due to the severe pandemic of Covid 19.


‘REVITALIZE’ is conducted with the aim of improving cancer hospital facilities. Some hospitals now have High-tech treatment facilities in place and more work is underway to establish better technologies for cancer treatment.