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“Hand in Hand” is one of the prominent fund raising events of Rotaract Mora carried out every year for the benefit of innocent cancer affected children at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama.The devotion and commitment of Rotaractors towards this project has managed to upgrade the facilities at children’s ward and assist in providing medications.

Our Story

Hand in Hand is a project steered by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa in the community service avenue, focused in supporting children at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. Funds for this project are raised mainly by selling Christmas and Vesak cards at designated locations during the festive seasons. In addition, donations are also collected for this worthy cause. The project is to be implemented in line with the Christmas and Vesak Festivals by raising funds through saling seasonal greeting cards carrying the drawings of children suffering from cancer which were drawn at the Colors 1 and Colors 2,drawing competitions organised under Hand in Hand. The funds collected from the above process will be directed to the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama.

Our Mission

‘Hand in Hand is one of the annual projects carried out by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa as a community service project to improve the standards of the children’s wards at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama, and thereby improve the quality of life of the children affected with cancer.

This project is carried out with the intention of upgrading facilities at children’s ward premises. These young children unknowingly fight a battle against a malignant disease. While our rotaractors mingle with children they forget the pain and enjoy the company. Thus,in order to heal their hearts and souls we at Rotaract Mora enter upon this worthy cause.

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We are not a Team because we work together. We are team because
we have one mission, one vision and one objective.
To make the world better place to children.


Hand in Hand with us

Let’s hold hands once again to “Save the Children”. Hand in Hand 2018-19 has begun. This is the best opportunity to devote your free time to care for some less fortunate young children who look forward to our support to help them to fight their battle against cancer.

If your conscious say “YES, I should!”, then please become a member of our Facebook page. We look forward to warmly welcome you.

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Fund Raising

As the main goal of raising one million for these poor little kids Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa has initiated several projects.

Christmas Cards

During the second phase of Hand in Hand, five artworks done by the children at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama under the theme “Christmas” were printed on cards which were sold in many places including educational institutes and shopping festivals. While distributing these cards, Rotaractors made sure that the public was made aware of the battle these little children were fighting through.

Vesak Cards

The final phase of Hand in Hand is the Vesak Card phase. Just as they did during the Christmas phase, the children at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama were asked to draw under the theme of “Vesak”. These drawings were printed as greeting cards and sold at various locations island-wide. The Colombo Shopping Festival held in April 2019 at BMICH is one of the main locations where many donors and well wishers helped the Rotaractors in raising funds to help these little fighters.

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Only a life lived for others is worth living

The commendable ventures of Hand in hand volunteers did not go unnoticed, as the “Hand In Hand” project of Rotaract Mora was awarded the Platinum Award for the Most Outstanding Community Service Project under the category of ‘Health Care Facility Improvement’ and the Gold Award for the Most Outstanding Fund Raiser Project in aid of Community Service for the year 2016-2017, at the 27th District Rotaract Assembly. Regardless to say, at the end of the day, we have achieved more than what we could wish for, as pretty smiles adorned each little face and we left leaving behind not a ward of cancer patients but a room full of rosy cheeked, dimpled children with hearts filled with happiness and a hope about tomorrow.

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Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

The effort of the volunteers did not go unnoticed, as “Hand in Hand 2017/18” was awarded the Silver Award for the Most Outstanding Fund-Raising Project for the year 2017-2018 at the 28th Rotaract District Training Assembly of Rotaract District 3220. Nevertheless, the biggest award that we will ever receive is the bright smiles on the faces of these little fighters, knowing that we made a difference in their lives to help them in their battle.

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Colours -1 and Colours -2, the painting sessions of Hand in Hand 2018/19, were successfully conducted on 14th October 2018 and 4th March 2019 at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. The children at the hospital drew to their hearts’ content to showcase their talents on paper while enjoying the company of the Rotaractors, who chatted and laughed with them and gave them gifts. These paintings were printed on Season’s Greeting cards for Christmas and Vesak to raise funds for the project.

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In collaboration with “Hand-in-Hand”, “Hope”- the counselling session for the families was held on 6th of April 2018 at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama which was accompanied by an interactive origami session for youngsters. Dr. Kosala Muthukumarana, medical officer of Narahenpita Cancer Early Detention Centre was welcomed to lead the advising session for the family members of the victimized.

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Christmas was a special day for the children at Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama as “Sparkle”, a subproject of “Hand in and”, was held on 25th December 2018. This Christmas party, consisting of a magic show, musical items and a visit by Santa and his friends bringing gifts, brought a smile to every child’s face. The Rotaractors, along with the foreign guests from the International Service project of Rotaract Mora, “Ceylon Safari 2018”, made sure that these children had a Christmas to remember.


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